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In 1979, Michael and Jaki Turner established Crocodile Express on the Daintree River, the very first tourism operator in this unique region.

Crocodile Express is committed to the conservation of this ancient rainforest and mangrove habitat. Dean Clapp and his family acquired the popular river cruise in 1986 after moving to Far North Queensland from South Australia. Family owned property holdings of freehold rainforest in the Daintree River Valley are included in the UNESCO Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. Dean’s wife, Anja von Keyserlink and her family property holdings are also listed as nature refuges under voluntary agreement with the Queensland Government. Protecting our environment for future generations to enjoy. Dean & Anja Clapp.

A commitment to Conservation, education and celebration of our wonderful World Heritage Wet Tropics...

From rare birds, flying foxes, bizarre insects and reptiles to electrically dazzling butterflies to the majestic Cassowary, it’s a verdant and rich rain forest teeming with life from its tall canopy tops to its damp shadowy undergrowth far beneath. From our wildlife cruise vessels you’ll also see a complex and vibrant river system full of rare fish and waterfowl as you drift through the Daintree’s extensive mangrove systems on the look out for the region’s most famed residents – the giant salt-water (estuarine) crocodile.

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Dean and Anja - Owners of Crocodile Express Daintree River Cruises

Discover the Daintree on one of our Upper or Lower River Cruises!..

The only cruise operators with two different departure points along a twelve km stretch of the Daintree River, Crocodile Express owners, Anja and Dean are delighted to offer guests the choice of two fantastic river cruises which provide the best opportunities to experience the incredible wildlife of this amazingly diverse eco system.

The Upper Daintree River Cruise from Daintree Village is especially popular for bird watching as it winds its way through dense rainforest and mangroves providing spectacular views of Thornton Peak. The Lower Daintree River Cruise from the Daintree Ferry crossing amongst explores the vast network of mud banks and mangroves and is guaranteed crocodile country with the waterways teeming with fish and bird life.