Greater Daintree Wildlife Cruises & Daintree Discovery Centre Combo

Jungle Bugs & Guide

This package is designed for visitors self driving to the Daintree Rainforest by car or campervan and the freedom to explore at their own pace. The road is bitumen sealed all the way from Cairns and Port Douglas to Daintree and Cape Tribulation also known as Great Barrier Reef Drive. Travel time from Cairns to Daintree is approximately 2 hours and from Port Douglas about 45 minutes. Make the most of your day and avoid traffic delays by starting your drive as early as possible and leave Cairns about 7.00am and Port Douglas 7.30am. Our first one hour wildlife cruise starts from Daintree 8.30am and 9.30am from Daintree Ferry Gateway.

What is included in this drive yourself package:

  • 30 Day Daintree River Explorer Pass. Unlimited cruises in two sections of the river from Daintree & Daintree Ferry Gateway
  • Up to 11 One Hour Cruise Departures Daily
  • 7 Day Daintree Discovery Centre Return Pass. The best place to learn about this amazing environment and what to lookout for as you travel throughout Daintree National Park
  • 68-Page Interpretive Guide Book to take home.
  • Self-Guided audio Walking Tours in 8 Languages
  • Indigenous Audio Guide Tour
  • Interpretive Centre
  • 23-Metre Rainforest Canopy Tower
  • Rainforest Aquarium
  • Reptile Enclosure
  • Jungle Bug Room
  • Nature Talks
  • Interactive Displays
  • Kid’s Audio Tour and Fun Activity Corner

The Upper Daintree (Daintree Village) is renowned throughout the world with birdwatching enthusiasts for it’s prolific birdlife. This Daintree Valley is rich beef dairy country which dates back to it’s pioneering day in the late 1800’s. The village, in days gone-by had a butter factory and sawmill to harvest the highly sought red cedar trees. Many of the farmers here date back generations and still live on the land here. This cruise features sections of pristine tropical rainforest sweeping down to the rivers edge. The village has a cafe, pub, souvenir shop and Daintree Visitor Information Centre.

The Lower Daintree (Daintree Ferry Precinct) known as “Daintree Ferry Gateway” is situated 300 metres before reaching the cable car ferry crossing. At the “Gateway” you will find the Crocodile Express kiosk, car park, toilets, boat ramp and pontoon. The special location of the Daintree with its’ unique combination of influencing factors makes the estuary a special place also for mangroves. A chief defining feature is the high biodiversity. There are 30 mangrove species in this single estuary making it perhaps the most species-rich mangrove estuary in the world. The estuary certainly has more species than anywhere else in Australia which has 38 in total. Australian mangroves are recognised as the wildest and best preserved in the world, with more than half the worlds’ 72 species represented.

Both sections of the river Upper and Lower Daintree are saltwater crocodile habitat. Your pass gives you the best opportunity to explore at your leisure taking in factors for the best sightseeing depending on weather and tides. Wildlife spotting on any of cruises looking out for crocodiles, birdlife, reptiles and butterflies. You never get tired of the beauty of this environment that makes the Daintree a unique special place.

The Daintree Rainforest is one of the most fascinating and diverse eco-systems on the Earth and your introduction to this very special place starts at the Daintree Discovery Centre. The Daintree covers an area of 1200 square kilometres and is the largest tropical rainforest in Australia. It has continued to evolve for around 130 million years, surviving through the ages and the cataclysmic events that wiped out the dinosaurs and other life forms. So, just how did this ‘green dinosaur’ endure? Take a walk through time at the Discovery Centre. Entry into the centre is included with your pass. The interpretive centre offers an interactive experience through touchscreens and interpretive displays, discover the fascinating secrets of the Daintree Rainforest. Inclusions: 68-page interpretive guide book to take home, self-guided audio walking tours in 8 languages, 23-metre high canopy tower and lots more.