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Say hello to some ancient giants...

Extensive mangroves and crocodile mudflats await the adventurous!

From rare native birds, flying foxes, bizarre insects and reptiles to electrically dazzling butterflies and the majestic Cassowary, the Lower Daintree River Cruise showcases the region’s rich and verdant rain forest teeming with life from its tall canopy tops to its damp shadowy undergrowth far beneath. Departing from the Daintree Ferry crossing, you’ll explore the vast network of mud banks and mangroves in guaranteed crocodile country with waterways teeming with fish and bird life.

Our Eco River Tour Guides are all local naturalists with a keen interest in the local environment and a lifetime’s experience in caring for the Wet Tropics World Heritage Region. Many have been involved in key Wet Tropics preservation projects over the years.

Their passion for the flora and fauna of the Daintree River systems is reflected in their engaging and highly informative presentations on all cruises. Guides communicate with each other by radio to give you the best opportunity on sightings of wildlife along the river. Our tour vessels are stable and spacious, so everyone can get up close and personal as they move around the boat to get the best photos.

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Crocodile sunbathing
Adult $38.00 AUD
Child (4-14yo) $19.00 AUD
Seniors $35.00 AUD
Students $35.00 AUD
Family (2A + 2C) $88.00 AUD
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